Let’s talk chores!


I now not every house hold agrees with Kids doing chores, but grace has show massive interest in saving money! We don’t really do pocket money due to the fact they get little treats every now & then but with Grace showing a keen interest in wanting to save in her new flounder money box, I though it would be a fab time to introduce some chores.
She helps out regular anyway pick up toys, getting things for me & helping put the washing away!


We drew up at list of things to do, with prices we agreed on, she seems happy with them & she aims to get around £5 a week. We been doing this around 3 weeks. Eli also opted to join into which is fantastic, I’m not to sure how long it will last but as long as it does I’m willing to pay! As all the help round the house will help me in the long run!


Grace over the past few weeks has got around £14 where as Eli around £3, we aren’t make it competitive or anything as we want them to choose to do the job, so if I say do you wanna duster your room Eli & he says no that absolutely fine. Grace seems more interested in saving in the long run which is great, give her a sense of how long it take to save for certain items.

Another fab reason of doing this is I want to install the value of money into there everyday life, I don’t want them to think they can just ask & get, not going to lie though we will still get them treats as everyone loves to spoil there kids every now & then but getting them to start saving like grace is at the mins for a specific item shows them how long it takes to earn money.


I do wonder how many other households have used or are using this method, I would love to now how it work for you & if it still going strong?


Thanks for reading




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