What I have learned since potty training!

1. Take them to pick there own nickers/underpants, sounds so silly but Penelope hated the plain ones once we invested in shimmer & shine ones she want them on all the time.
2. Try not stress about accidents, 95% chance that your child will have at least one or more accidents. Say things like ‘oh accidents happen’ don’t get stress by huff & puff as when I tried first time I was way to high strung about it all.
3. While we talking accidents have a mop, bucket & disinfectant (Zoflora is amazing) ready at all times.
4. Make it fun, make a song & dance every time they wee or poo on potty or toilet.(stickers,rewards chart, sweets) what ever works.
5. Try & keep life as normal as possible allowing them to do what they normally do.
6. Always take more than one pair of extra pants & trousers
7. Choose easy trousers to pull up & down (legging,tracksuit bottoms, pj bottoms)
8. Be ready to ask your toddler at least 74times a minute if they need the toilet & when they say no always double check,by asking again! You will definitely get sick of your own voice.
9. Remember all kids are different & will do it once there ready.
10. Buy wine & lots of it to celebrate all you little successes through out the day, like been positive about a toddle pissing on you floor & hear you self say ‘are you sure you don’t need a wee’ 😂

Good luck to all my fellow potty trainers & thanks for reading




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