Ciao adios dummies


So it was a epic fail when it came to the potty training over Easter, but we did crack something we got rid of the horrible plastic devils aka the dummies 👍🏽 after another attempt at potty training I gave up & last Monday though I’m going to take the dummy she didn’t have it all day which to be honest wasn’t unusually as most day she only had it at nap time & bed time. I went of to work & didn’t really say to scott about not having it just left it on the side, when I rang to check all was good scott said she’d  gone to bed fine without her dummy! I was over the moon! 👍🏽


Tuesday day she didn’t ask for it once other then when Scott took her to bed but we didn’t break & explained that the dummy had gone to the mermaid babies which every time she mentioned them since we have said the same thing! Now we are a week & one day without it & she hasn’t asked for one since Saturday so iv binned them all😄

Right I’m not going to lie since not having them her mood has change weather its a leap or the fact something different who nows. she has had naps some day & other days point blank refuses to since the dummy has gone! She has also become very mardy (definition moody:sulky) & been a general toddler. I’m hoping this is just a phase due to no longer have the plastic devils as a comfort but I’m sure time will tell. Looks like potty training can wait till next half term 🙈


If any of my reads have any tips on potty training more for keep me focused on it, has it me who give up way to easy 😫




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