Have I lost myself since Kids……


I’m not the only mum out there who sometime thinks maybe I should be a little bit more selfish! Have some me time, relax leave the cleaning washing & ironing but actually never does, I’m not saying I’m a all round saint who is for ever cleaning & I never get a min, but my down time compared to scott is so very very different. I’m not meaning this in a sexist way has I’m open minded & not all households are the same!

So scott the main earner in are household always has been since we have had kids (before we both work full time) I work part time around scott hours & do the odd over time shift, so because scott works a lot I do ALL the cleaning & washing we share cooking as scott a fab cook & sometimes it’s easier to eat when I return home from work, Scott has is Xbox as his hobbie he can play up to 12 hours in one sitting 😳 this doesn’t bother me really as I see he works hard & that’s his out let, but my self since having the kids has never found a hobby/niche that hasn’t involved the kids & I find scott can easily switch off and not have a second though about what he could be doing i.e he is the DIY person in are house & if I was to ask him to paint he would say yes but there would be no immediate rush to do it & it wouldn’t effect his down time has he would just for get.

Where as I think I’m going to watch a series on tv , while sat there I’m think of all the things I could be doing, putting another load of washing in, mopping a floor it’s like I never truly switch off, this was never a problem before Kids I would sit for hours watching desperate house wives before work not even having a care in world but now the min I think about take some me time, jobs pop up pots, bathroom cleaning, homework or ironing. Is this just a mum role or should I say is this the role for the parent whom works the least.

So me & Scott talked about this & it’s time to find me again, get me some real down time apart from the odd cuppa in piece, first I think I’m going to start with doing jigsaw I really enjoy doing them & if it good enough for khloe Kardashian it good enough for ME. Then I wanna invest in a epic camera (suggestions welcome on good ones) & do some photography courses I’m really passionate about taking photo always have been & maybe this will give me my out let to switch off & enjoy doing something non child related or cleaning.

So the real question is have a lost myself? I would say no, I’m still me just a little different as my priorities have change.
Would I do anything different? Maybe. Do I plan on changing things up a bit? Yes change is always good & i for sure need my own hobby! Can’t wait to get a camera & be a happy snappy 📷

Yet again thanks for read




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