Penelope not potty about the potty

0636C6E3-8F98-4939-AAB5-8D1985CAF885So Penelope still wear the dreadful nappy! She will be 3 in July & she still not been potty trained
1) it’s a massive ball ache
2) I hate potty training
3) she has held her wee & poo in on previous attempts at potty training.


I feel like I should be a pro 3rd time & all that jazz but if I’m honest this is the worst part of Mother hood, I have been so lucky with all my 3 of mine when they where babies they all slept & ate fab, but with potty training they have all been total nightmare 😑 so it like they say goes it all swings & roundabouts they cant be amazing at every thing.

I describe potty training like dealing with your partner when drunk, you repeatedly place them on the potty &explain what to do & 2 mins later there a puddle on the floor! Just like Scott after a few pints 😂 LOL, it always feels like your getting no where with them. The other big potty training problem is if you and your partner aren’t in sync & you go out to the shop & return to your child back in the nappy. That sort of thing drivers me insane! Also the new sofa! What do I do? Cover it? Don’t let her in the room?


I now all children are different but Penelope has started expressing she too wet or she done a poo but as soon as I try the nappy off she refuse to go on the potty or toilet! I really want to get rid of the nappy but it easier said than done! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 👍🏽


Wish me luck for Easter half term as I’m going to give it another go 🙈

Thanks for read



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