Surviving half term

C3495A86-34CF-4331-989A-91BAFE9E091CSurviving half term

The key is to be super prepared, activities,Day out planned & also enough food to feed a small army! I swear iv been to the shop every day this week buying bits!


I find February half term the hard! As it’s the hardest one to keep them occupied, with the weather not to great & there nothing to look forward to like Christmas, Easter etc

So this time I made my self full prepare, I went to great lengths to make sure I had loads of activities. I went to one of my favourite shops HOME BARGAINS to pick up some craft bargains, puzzles & snacks! I pick up the paint your own plate & mugs both 2.99 each also on of the shimmer & shine eggs for 2.99 also 2 puzzle.


This half term we have been to park done colouring, baking & been swimming in arts and crafts. I have tried to stick to a budget so soft play, zoo & cinema where out of the question this half term. Surely I’m not they only parent out there that’s hoping not to spend a fortune while the kids have been off. I was very lucky a few day though as the weather was dry and sunny so the kids could get out in the garden to play & play on trampoline.

So today is Saturday and the kids go back Monday we hoping to take them somewhere nice tomorrow has they have been so good all week. So I feel this half term I have survived only 5 weeks till Easter half term. I can’t wait to have them off for Easter love a good Easter egg hunt, Easter tree and more crafts.

Thanks for reading hope you have all survived half term to.


Family Brock


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