Favouritism !!


That question you always get asked when you have more than one child!


No I don’t particularly like any of them (jokes) the actually answer is still NO!



When I get asked this question, I usually look puzzled, I feel like the people asking the question must think i favour one of my children more than the others! Which in certain situation can be true, of course if Grace or Eli gets 100% in a test I’m going to post about it an certainly big that child up a little more! But by no means is this favouritism or is it?? I feel in a generation of social media, some time as a parent of more than one child you look at your feed & think wow there is a lot of Just the one child.


I find myself doing this with Penelope, I spend all day at home with her & I just like to capture all those moments in picture/video as she is super cute most of the time. I’m not saying I didn’t do this with the other 2 as I did, I am absolutely obsessed with taking photos if I’m honest, it’s just social media wasn’t as big a thing & now it is. But I do find myself looking at my feed & thinking must add a picture of Eli. By far he the hardest to get a picture of 1) he isn’t interested 2) most of the time he on his Xbox (yes he spends way to much time on it🤦🏻‍♀️) but I feel the pressure to add him in as I don’t want people to feel I have a favourite child.

I shouldn’t feel like this but I do, like I should have a perfect ratio of my kids on my feed, eventually I will have to just suck it up as soon they won’t let me take pictures or want to participate in my 101 photo shoot 😂 but while they do I’m enjoying it!

But just because you see more of Penelope in stories etc it doesn’t mean I have a favourite because there all my favourites & I love them more than anything even chocolate.


Thanks for reading


Family brock


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