Surviving half term

C3495A86-34CF-4331-989A-91BAFE9E091CSurviving half term

The key is to be super prepared, activities,Day out planned & also enough food to feed a small army! I swear iv been to the shop every day this week buying bits!


I find February half term the hard! As it’s the hardest one to keep them occupied, with the weather not to great & there nothing to look forward to like Christmas, Easter etc

So this time I made my self full prepare, I went to great lengths to make sure I had loads of activities. I went to one of my favourite shops HOME BARGAINS to pick up some craft bargains, puzzles & snacks! I pick up the paint your own plate & mugs both 2.99 each also on of the shimmer & shine eggs for 2.99 also 2 puzzle.


This half term we have been to park done colouring, baking & been swimming in arts and crafts. I have tried to stick to a budget so soft play, zoo & cinema where out of the question this half term. Surely I’m not they only parent out there that’s hoping not to spend a fortune while the kids have been off. I was very lucky a few day though as the weather was dry and sunny so the kids could get out in the garden to play & play on trampoline.

So today is Saturday and the kids go back Monday we hoping to take them somewhere nice tomorrow has they have been so good all week. So I feel this half term I have survived only 5 weeks till Easter half term. I can’t wait to have them off for Easter love a good Easter egg hunt, Easter tree and more crafts.

Thanks for reading hope you have all survived half term to.


Family Brock


Favouritism !!


That question you always get asked when you have more than one child!


No I don’t particularly like any of them (jokes) the actually answer is still NO!



When I get asked this question, I usually look puzzled, I feel like the people asking the question must think i favour one of my children more than the others! Which in certain situation can be true, of course if Grace or Eli gets 100% in a test I’m going to post about it an certainly big that child up a little more! But by no means is this favouritism or is it?? I feel in a generation of social media, some time as a parent of more than one child you look at your feed & think wow there is a lot of Just the one child.


I find myself doing this with Penelope, I spend all day at home with her & I just like to capture all those moments in picture/video as she is super cute most of the time. I’m not saying I didn’t do this with the other 2 as I did, I am absolutely obsessed with taking photos if I’m honest, it’s just social media wasn’t as big a thing & now it is. But I do find myself looking at my feed & thinking must add a picture of Eli. By far he the hardest to get a picture of 1) he isn’t interested 2) most of the time he on his Xbox (yes he spends way to much time on it🤦🏻‍♀️) but I feel the pressure to add him in as I don’t want people to feel I have a favourite child.

I shouldn’t feel like this but I do, like I should have a perfect ratio of my kids on my feed, eventually I will have to just suck it up as soon they won’t let me take pictures or want to participate in my 101 photo shoot 😂 but while they do I’m enjoying it!

But just because you see more of Penelope in stories etc it doesn’t mean I have a favourite because there all my favourites & I love them more than anything even chocolate.


Thanks for reading


Family brock