Picky eater


Yuk! Me not like!

Something Penelope has started to say a lot around meal time, which as a parent you instantly think what I’m I doing wrong??

All 3 of my kids where fab eaters at weaning age, they would literally eat what ever I put in front of them from scramble eggs to sprouts, Grace had a fussy stage around 3 but soon snapped out of it & pretty much will try anything but I’d say her favourite dinner are ones that include veg.

Eli also ate fab till about 2 then he started the I only want chicken nuggets & chips faze but now at 5 will eat very well along with most veg & of course he loves a jacket potato with cheese & also a cheeky dominos.

Both Grace & Eli where purée weaned so I would batch cook vegetables & fruits for dinners & started adding meat once they got to about 9 Months so I gathered the fussy stage was due to how they both where weaned.


980570F0-1A24-407A-8EBF-AF5BFAAB6ACASo Penelope was totally different, I started weaning her a little earlier than the other 2 has I could see she was ready (remember all babies are different) I did LED weaning which I though was amazing & would totally advise all to try it if there comfortable with the way it’s done, I did so much research on it as when I first heard about it I wasn’t so keen, I read articles, blogs messaged people who had done it got loads of advance & tips a long the way. My advance as a parent who has LED weaned would be research, how it’s done, for example best way to sit the baby also make sure your relaxed about it don’t over think it. I really enjoyed meal times watching Penelope explore her food & also she really enjoyed feeding herself, it’s a messy way of doing it to, I feel like Penelope spend 40% of the day in her vest as I wasn’t to bothered about her getting them messy, if I was to have more kids (which I’m not) I would definitely do LED weaning.


So Penelope ate pretty much either what the kids where having or what we was having along with extra bits of cheese with most meals to keep her dairy up! I swear that Kid loves her food, but just of late her faze has started & I really though because she was LED weaned we wouldn’t have this, she become so lazy with meat she chews it a few time then spits it out, she gone off most veg but love her carbs, potatoes in any form bread & if I let her eat cereal for every meal she be happy 😏

I’m really hoping it’s just a faze.

But for now we persist on making her meals which are currently getting waisted which real grates on me, I also feel it’s effecting her sleep as she isn’t eating enough. Anyone have any idea how to get her back to her old eating habits, if you do please help a mum out!!!


This was last night An she only ate the mash 😢

Thanks for read

Me & The Picky Eater





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