January blues

8CD1999D-CC07-4814-BDA6-E8B0565666C9So here goes my first ever BLOG, I am nervous an excited all in one! This is going to be my little area to vent about life and documents my parenting journey, also an outlet for my kids to read when there older to see most days I winged being a adult/parent. My kids might be the only people that will actually read it 😂



So it is the 4th January 2018, as I sit writing this, Grace & Penelope are playing with the shopkins! Grace is being a regular bossy boots, while Eli plays ‘subway surf’ On the iPad, I feel full of happiness an joy until Grace screams at Penelope for the 20th time. I feel the January blues creeping in, the buzz of Christmas & New Year have gone, the kids are over tired and ready to go back to school but there not back until the 8th, only 4 days!! to go not that I’m counting.

Everyone seems so positive in January, i myself, am usually included but this year I don’t seem to have the drive! We have tons of chocolate, cheese and wine left from Christmas, which is clouding my judgement about getting on the ‘diet train’ I feel we have no routine as the kids aren’t waking until after 9 sometimes later. An the fact that the weather is wet,windy & cold we all getting cabin fever.

So if you have got this far reading then you deserve a medal but thanks,
I was going to do my first blog all positive about the New Year new me but I think lots more of us feel the January blues and feel talking about it isn’t a good idea as we all wanted to wear positive pants in January.

I’d love to here from you if you feel the same? Or any feed back please be kind though as I’m way out of my comfort zone 🙈

With love




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