Let’s talk chores!


I now not every house hold agrees with Kids doing chores, but grace has show massive interest in saving money! We don’t really do pocket money due to the fact they get little treats every now & then but with Grace showing a keen interest in wanting to save in her new flounder money box, I though it would be a fab time to introduce some chores.
She helps out regular anyway pick up toys, getting things for me & helping put the washing away!


We drew up at list of things to do, with prices we agreed on, she seems happy with them & she aims to get around £5 a week. We been doing this around 3 weeks. Eli also opted to join into which is fantastic, I’m not to sure how long it will last but as long as it does I’m willing to pay! As all the help round the house will help me in the long run!


Grace over the past few weeks has got around £14 where as Eli around £3, we aren’t make it competitive or anything as we want them to choose to do the job, so if I say do you wanna duster your room Eli & he says no that absolutely fine. Grace seems more interested in saving in the long run which is great, give her a sense of how long it take to save for certain items.

Another fab reason of doing this is I want to install the value of money into there everyday life, I don’t want them to think they can just ask & get, not going to lie though we will still get them treats as everyone loves to spoil there kids every now & then but getting them to start saving like grace is at the mins for a specific item shows them how long it takes to earn money.


I do wonder how many other households have used or are using this method, I would love to now how it work for you & if it still going strong?


Thanks for reading




What I have learned since potty training!

1. Take them to pick there own nickers/underpants, sounds so silly but Penelope hated the plain ones once we invested in shimmer & shine ones she want them on all the time.
2. Try not stress about accidents, 95% chance that your child will have at least one or more accidents. Say things like ‘oh accidents happen’ don’t get stress by huff & puff as when I tried first time I was way to high strung about it all.
3. While we talking accidents have a mop, bucket & disinfectant (Zoflora is amazing) ready at all times.
4. Make it fun, make a song & dance every time they wee or poo on potty or toilet.(stickers,rewards chart, sweets) what ever works.
5. Try & keep life as normal as possible allowing them to do what they normally do.
6. Always take more than one pair of extra pants & trousers
7. Choose easy trousers to pull up & down (legging,tracksuit bottoms, pj bottoms)
8. Be ready to ask your toddler at least 74times a minute if they need the toilet & when they say no always double check,by asking again! You will definitely get sick of your own voice.
9. Remember all kids are different & will do it once there ready.
10. Buy wine & lots of it to celebrate all you little successes through out the day, like been positive about a toddle pissing on you floor & hear you self say ‘are you sure you don’t need a wee’ 😂

Good luck to all my fellow potty trainers & thanks for reading



Ciao adios dummies


So it was a epic fail when it came to the potty training over Easter, but we did crack something we got rid of the horrible plastic devils aka the dummies 👍🏽 after another attempt at potty training I gave up & last Monday though I’m going to take the dummy she didn’t have it all day which to be honest wasn’t unusually as most day she only had it at nap time & bed time. I went of to work & didn’t really say to scott about not having it just left it on the side, when I rang to check all was good scott said she’d  gone to bed fine without her dummy! I was over the moon! 👍🏽


Tuesday day she didn’t ask for it once other then when Scott took her to bed but we didn’t break & explained that the dummy had gone to the mermaid babies which every time she mentioned them since we have said the same thing! Now we are a week & one day without it & she hasn’t asked for one since Saturday so iv binned them all😄

Right I’m not going to lie since not having them her mood has change weather its a leap or the fact something different who nows. she has had naps some day & other days point blank refuses to since the dummy has gone! She has also become very mardy (definition moody:sulky) & been a general toddler. I’m hoping this is just a phase due to no longer have the plastic devils as a comfort but I’m sure time will tell. Looks like potty training can wait till next half term 🙈


If any of my reads have any tips on potty training more for keep me focused on it, has it me who give up way to easy 😫



Have I lost myself since Kids……


I’m not the only mum out there who sometime thinks maybe I should be a little bit more selfish! Have some me time, relax leave the cleaning washing & ironing but actually never does, I’m not saying I’m a all round saint who is for ever cleaning & I never get a min, but my down time compared to scott is so very very different. I’m not meaning this in a sexist way has I’m open minded & not all households are the same!

So scott the main earner in are household always has been since we have had kids (before we both work full time) I work part time around scott hours & do the odd over time shift, so because scott works a lot I do ALL the cleaning & washing we share cooking as scott a fab cook & sometimes it’s easier to eat when I return home from work, Scott has is Xbox as his hobbie he can play up to 12 hours in one sitting 😳 this doesn’t bother me really as I see he works hard & that’s his out let, but my self since having the kids has never found a hobby/niche that hasn’t involved the kids & I find scott can easily switch off and not have a second though about what he could be doing i.e he is the DIY person in are house & if I was to ask him to paint he would say yes but there would be no immediate rush to do it & it wouldn’t effect his down time has he would just for get.

Where as I think I’m going to watch a series on tv , while sat there I’m think of all the things I could be doing, putting another load of washing in, mopping a floor it’s like I never truly switch off, this was never a problem before Kids I would sit for hours watching desperate house wives before work not even having a care in world but now the min I think about take some me time, jobs pop up pots, bathroom cleaning, homework or ironing. Is this just a mum role or should I say is this the role for the parent whom works the least.

So me & Scott talked about this & it’s time to find me again, get me some real down time apart from the odd cuppa in piece, first I think I’m going to start with doing jigsaw I really enjoy doing them & if it good enough for khloe Kardashian it good enough for ME. Then I wanna invest in a epic camera (suggestions welcome on good ones) & do some photography courses I’m really passionate about taking photo always have been & maybe this will give me my out let to switch off & enjoy doing something non child related or cleaning.

So the real question is have a lost myself? I would say no, I’m still me just a little different as my priorities have change.
Would I do anything different? Maybe. Do I plan on changing things up a bit? Yes change is always good & i for sure need my own hobby! Can’t wait to get a camera & be a happy snappy 📷

Yet again thanks for read



Penelope not potty about the potty

0636C6E3-8F98-4939-AAB5-8D1985CAF885So Penelope still wear the dreadful nappy! She will be 3 in July & she still not been potty trained
1) it’s a massive ball ache
2) I hate potty training
3) she has held her wee & poo in on previous attempts at potty training.


I feel like I should be a pro 3rd time & all that jazz but if I’m honest this is the worst part of Mother hood, I have been so lucky with all my 3 of mine when they where babies they all slept & ate fab, but with potty training they have all been total nightmare 😑 so it like they say goes it all swings & roundabouts they cant be amazing at every thing.

I describe potty training like dealing with your partner when drunk, you repeatedly place them on the potty &explain what to do & 2 mins later there a puddle on the floor! Just like Scott after a few pints 😂 LOL, it always feels like your getting no where with them. The other big potty training problem is if you and your partner aren’t in sync & you go out to the shop & return to your child back in the nappy. That sort of thing drivers me insane! Also the new sofa! What do I do? Cover it? Don’t let her in the room?


I now all children are different but Penelope has started expressing she too wet or she done a poo but as soon as I try the nappy off she refuse to go on the potty or toilet! I really want to get rid of the nappy but it easier said than done! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 👍🏽


Wish me luck for Easter half term as I’m going to give it another go 🙈

Thanks for read


Surviving half term

C3495A86-34CF-4331-989A-91BAFE9E091CSurviving half term

The key is to be super prepared, activities,Day out planned & also enough food to feed a small army! I swear iv been to the shop every day this week buying bits!


I find February half term the hard! As it’s the hardest one to keep them occupied, with the weather not to great & there nothing to look forward to like Christmas, Easter etc

So this time I made my self full prepare, I went to great lengths to make sure I had loads of activities. I went to one of my favourite shops HOME BARGAINS to pick up some craft bargains, puzzles & snacks! I pick up the paint your own plate & mugs both 2.99 each also on of the shimmer & shine eggs for 2.99 also 2 puzzle.


This half term we have been to park done colouring, baking & been swimming in arts and crafts. I have tried to stick to a budget so soft play, zoo & cinema where out of the question this half term. Surely I’m not they only parent out there that’s hoping not to spend a fortune while the kids have been off. I was very lucky a few day though as the weather was dry and sunny so the kids could get out in the garden to play & play on trampoline.

So today is Saturday and the kids go back Monday we hoping to take them somewhere nice tomorrow has they have been so good all week. So I feel this half term I have survived only 5 weeks till Easter half term. I can’t wait to have them off for Easter love a good Easter egg hunt, Easter tree and more crafts.

Thanks for reading hope you have all survived half term to.


Family Brock

Favouritism !!


That question you always get asked when you have more than one child!


No I don’t particularly like any of them (jokes) the actually answer is still NO!



When I get asked this question, I usually look puzzled, I feel like the people asking the question must think i favour one of my children more than the others! Which in certain situation can be true, of course if Grace or Eli gets 100% in a test I’m going to post about it an certainly big that child up a little more! But by no means is this favouritism or is it?? I feel in a generation of social media, some time as a parent of more than one child you look at your feed & think wow there is a lot of Just the one child.


I find myself doing this with Penelope, I spend all day at home with her & I just like to capture all those moments in picture/video as she is super cute most of the time. I’m not saying I didn’t do this with the other 2 as I did, I am absolutely obsessed with taking photos if I’m honest, it’s just social media wasn’t as big a thing & now it is. But I do find myself looking at my feed & thinking must add a picture of Eli. By far he the hardest to get a picture of 1) he isn’t interested 2) most of the time he on his Xbox (yes he spends way to much time on it🤦🏻‍♀️) but I feel the pressure to add him in as I don’t want people to feel I have a favourite child.

I shouldn’t feel like this but I do, like I should have a perfect ratio of my kids on my feed, eventually I will have to just suck it up as soon they won’t let me take pictures or want to participate in my 101 photo shoot 😂 but while they do I’m enjoying it!

But just because you see more of Penelope in stories etc it doesn’t mean I have a favourite because there all my favourites & I love them more than anything even chocolate.


Thanks for reading


Family brock

Picky eater


Yuk! Me not like!

Something Penelope has started to say a lot around meal time, which as a parent you instantly think what I’m I doing wrong??

All 3 of my kids where fab eaters at weaning age, they would literally eat what ever I put in front of them from scramble eggs to sprouts, Grace had a fussy stage around 3 but soon snapped out of it & pretty much will try anything but I’d say her favourite dinner are ones that include veg.

Eli also ate fab till about 2 then he started the I only want chicken nuggets & chips faze but now at 5 will eat very well along with most veg & of course he loves a jacket potato with cheese & also a cheeky dominos.

Both Grace & Eli where purée weaned so I would batch cook vegetables & fruits for dinners & started adding meat once they got to about 9 Months so I gathered the fussy stage was due to how they both where weaned.


980570F0-1A24-407A-8EBF-AF5BFAAB6ACASo Penelope was totally different, I started weaning her a little earlier than the other 2 has I could see she was ready (remember all babies are different) I did LED weaning which I though was amazing & would totally advise all to try it if there comfortable with the way it’s done, I did so much research on it as when I first heard about it I wasn’t so keen, I read articles, blogs messaged people who had done it got loads of advance & tips a long the way. My advance as a parent who has LED weaned would be research, how it’s done, for example best way to sit the baby also make sure your relaxed about it don’t over think it. I really enjoyed meal times watching Penelope explore her food & also she really enjoyed feeding herself, it’s a messy way of doing it to, I feel like Penelope spend 40% of the day in her vest as I wasn’t to bothered about her getting them messy, if I was to have more kids (which I’m not) I would definitely do LED weaning.


So Penelope ate pretty much either what the kids where having or what we was having along with extra bits of cheese with most meals to keep her dairy up! I swear that Kid loves her food, but just of late her faze has started & I really though because she was LED weaned we wouldn’t have this, she become so lazy with meat she chews it a few time then spits it out, she gone off most veg but love her carbs, potatoes in any form bread & if I let her eat cereal for every meal she be happy 😏

I’m really hoping it’s just a faze.

But for now we persist on making her meals which are currently getting waisted which real grates on me, I also feel it’s effecting her sleep as she isn’t eating enough. Anyone have any idea how to get her back to her old eating habits, if you do please help a mum out!!!


This was last night An she only ate the mash 😢

Thanks for read

Me & The Picky Eater




Mum guilt



Don’t go! Stay! Mummy no work! This has been Penelope the last few time I have been leaving for work. At first I though it was cute, I was loving the fact she wanted me to stay home. Then over the weekend Grace voiced her opinion on how I’m always working the weekend. Weekends for me at work are over time so extra pennies, but the kids don’t understand that.


With both the girls voicing their strong opinions about me going to work on the other hand Eli actually doesn’t care if I’m at home or work as long as he got food and can play on his Xbox, he is oblivious to if I am there or not. the girls seem very aware.

To be honest this is the first job where the kids have been aware I leave the house, as when we lived in Cornwall Grace was to young & Penelope wasn’t born and when I did the dinner lady job, It was at Graces school and Penelope was tiny, as I said before Eli Just doesn’t care 😂
So the job I’m currently in, I work evenings Monday-Friday 5-8 which means I leave at 4.30, some time I sort tea some times Scott, I tend to miss bed time but sometimes Eli and Grace are still awake depending how strict Scott is being. I definitely miss Penelope’s bed time there only the odd time she’s been awake. Missing bed time gives me major mum guilt, I’m not saying I was mary poppins when I did bed time but I used to enjoy tucking them in, but also when I’m at work i sometimes relish in the though I’m not doing bed time.

Work has given me a leash of life where I feel I’m helping provided for the kids as well as actually having money of my own Scott presents for his birthdays etc and it not been money he actually earned. I think this is why I like doing the over time, I try not to do it every weekend but the extra pennies help. I have tried explaining to Grace that if I go to work the extra pennies pay for days out, new toys etc which when I explain I think she understands but I also think it’s hard for her as since she was born shes always been use to me be there all day everyday and now some weekends I’m gone before she wakes up and I get home just before it’s dark.

I feel very blessed to have to have a job that works around Scott so we can both contribute money wise and sharing the parenting helps. Many people ask who has the kids while I work and when I reply my partner, they seem shocked


I have read so many post about mum guilt and never understood it until both my girls expressed there feeling towards me going to work. Does it ever go away? Do dads suffer from dad guilt? Or do we live in a Society where dads are just expected to go to work and put up basically. I’m hoping the older they get the more they will understand that me going to work was to help provided for them and to also show them that both parents are able to work and still be great parents.



Thanks again for reading my ramble



January blues

8CD1999D-CC07-4814-BDA6-E8B0565666C9So here goes my first ever BLOG, I am nervous an excited all in one! This is going to be my little area to vent about life and documents my parenting journey, also an outlet for my kids to read when there older to see most days I winged being a adult/parent. My kids might be the only people that will actually read it 😂



So it is the 4th January 2018, as I sit writing this, Grace & Penelope are playing with the shopkins! Grace is being a regular bossy boots, while Eli plays ‘subway surf’ On the iPad, I feel full of happiness an joy until Grace screams at Penelope for the 20th time. I feel the January blues creeping in, the buzz of Christmas & New Year have gone, the kids are over tired and ready to go back to school but there not back until the 8th, only 4 days!! to go not that I’m counting.

Everyone seems so positive in January, i myself, am usually included but this year I don’t seem to have the drive! We have tons of chocolate, cheese and wine left from Christmas, which is clouding my judgement about getting on the ‘diet train’ I feel we have no routine as the kids aren’t waking until after 9 sometimes later. An the fact that the weather is wet,windy & cold we all getting cabin fever.

So if you have got this far reading then you deserve a medal but thanks,
I was going to do my first blog all positive about the New Year new me but I think lots more of us feel the January blues and feel talking about it isn’t a good idea as we all wanted to wear positive pants in January.

I’d love to here from you if you feel the same? Or any feed back please be kind though as I’m way out of my comfort zone 🙈

With love